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Heat Management


This hand-made hookah bowl seems to boast several notable features, making it an attractive option for enthusiasts. Here’s a summary of its key attributes:
Material and Construction:
o Crafted from high-grade clay.
o Thick-walled design for effective insulation of the bowl’s contents.
• Heat Management Technology:
o Utilizes innovative clay processing technology to prevent overheating and charring of tobacco.
o Enables users to handle the bowl with bare hands, enhancing convenience for personal and lounge use.
• Enhanced Smoking Experience:
o Promises an exquisite smoking experience with no risk of overheating the shisha.
o Extended smoking sessions due to reduced tobacco consumption (30-45% savings compared to standard bowls with 20-22g of shisha).
• Versatile Design:
o Notable for its versatile design, combining attractiveness with functionality.
o Thick walls ensure steady warming, even heat distribution, and stable temperature retention.
• Longevity and Taste Preservation:
o Allows for a prolonged smoking session without the risk of bitterness in the tobacco taste.
o Preserves the taste of the shisha despite the reduced amount of tobacco used.
▪ Classic 7-holes design
▪ Does not overheat the shisha
▪ Can be removed with bare handsProduct information
This hookah bowl appears to prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, offering a balance between an appealing design and practical features. The incorporation of innovative clay processing technology enhances the overall smoking experience by preventing common issues such as overheating and charring, while also providing cost savings through reduced tobacco consumption.

• Material and Construction:
o 100% handmade top-glazed clay bowl.
o Designed to provide even heat distribution, preventing charring of tobacco and prolonging flavor.
o The glazing helps avoid molasses juice seeping through the clay.
• Functionality:
o The Funnel design retains all the juice inside the bowl.
o Large single hole on top of the spire for improved airflow, ensuring sufficient cloud production.
• Compatibility:
o Standard replacement bowl suitable for use with all shishas (hookahs).
o Flat stage design for compatibility with various heat management systems and foils.
• Handmade Characteristics:
o Being 100% handmade, the bowl may have slight imperfections or inconsistencies, which are considered normal for handmade objects.
This bowl seems to offer a combination of functional design, compatibility, and the uniqueness associated with handmade products. Users may appreciate the attention to detail in preventing juice leakage, providing even heat distribution, and allowing for efficient airflow. The imperfections add a personal touch, highlighting the craftsmanship involved in the bowl’s creation.


The nature of a Handmade Egyptian Hookahs:
Weld Marks or Minor Inconsistencies: Handmade products may show signs of the crafting process, such as weld marks or minor inconsistencies. These can be considered part of the charm of a handmade item and do not necessarily impact the functionality.

Acknowledgment of Handcrafting:
The disclaimer is likely included to inform the buyer that these variations are expected and are not defects but rather characteristics of the handcrafted nature of the product.

Quality Assurance:
While there may be variations, the notice does not imply that the product is of lower quality. In fact, handmade items often undergo rigorous quality control to ensure they meet certain standards despite their unique characteristics. If you’re purchasing a hookah with these disclaimers, it’s important to appreciate the artisanal quality and uniqueness of the product. Handmade items often come with a personal touch and character that mass-produced items may lack.